Sustainability Objectives

Oakfield is dedicated to minimising our environmental impact by collaborating with our supply chain to procure eco-friendly materials and harnessing technological innovations to enhance the efficiency of our operations. Our sustainability objectives include:

The Community

We are committed to adding social value to our communities by supporting our customers’ projects or through projects of our own. We’ve raised over £50,000 and continue to help local communities and charities. Learn more.

Health & Safety

Top priority is the well-being of our project workforce. In the 3Ps framework, specifically under ‘People,’ our goal is to ensure everyone returns home safely. We’re unwavering in delivering a secure workplace, be it on-site or in-office.


Dedicated to boosting energy efficiency, we’re certified under ISO 50001:2011 Energy Management Systems. Our company target is to reduce our net carbons emissions by at least 50% for 2030.

The Environment

Our core focus is on environmentally responsible business practices, where we strive to minimise our environmental impact through methods that address adverse effects and embrace a holistic lifecycle perspective.

Equal Opportunities

Operating under a fundamental commitment to integrity, we strive to eradicate all forms of discrimination and proactively champion workplace diversity, aligning with the Equality Act 2010. 

Modern Slavery

Our unwavering commitment to ethical and integral conduct extends to all our business associations. We diligently work to eradicate modern slavery and human trafficking from our supply chains and across our entire operations, ensuring a clean and just business environment.

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