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We employ skilled and proficient teams for all our projects, offering a comprehensive range of Civil Engineering services, regardless of the project’s scale. Oakfield operates in collaboration to ensure top-notch service delivery. Through our involvement in diverse framework agreements, we can engage with client’s right from the project’s outset.

Engineering Tomorrow’s Landscape, Today.

Oakfield Surveys.

Did you know?

Did you know we now use drone surveys for the majority of our works.

We started off by providing Site Engineering Services, a foundation we’ve been committed to preserving. We undertake projects for a range of clients, including Groundwork/Civil Engineering contractors similar to our own company, as well as local and national main contractors.

Our scope of work involves tasks such as road and sewer layout, house and raft foundations, construction of concrete/steel framed structures, and the development of car parks, among others. As a company, we have recently expanded our operational efficiency by incorporating new technological advancements which have not only enhanced our productivity but also heightened the precision of our data collection processes.

Did you know?

Did you know we now use drone surveys for the majority of our works.

Surveys Services

Our management and contract team boast extensive experience across every facet of civil engineering and possess a wealth of resources at their disposal. This collective capability empowers us to fulfill all demands, no matter the scale of the contract.

We’ve established a commendable reputation for delivering quality, tackling intricate challenges, and most importantly, achieving success in executing projects. Our holistic approach is further reinforced by a robust training and development initiative, ensuring our on-site staff consistently achieve accuracy from the outset.

High Profile Works

Oakfield has engaged in numerous prominent projects across the entire UK, encompassing diverse undertakings like Hospitals, Schools, Universities, housing estates, commercial complexes, a space centre, police headquarters, roads, and more. Our expansive surveying capabilities place us ahead of competitors.

Experts you can count on

Oakfield boasts a team of experienced engineers who have dedicated substantial time to the company. We prioritise training employees from apprenticeships to meet our standards. Our team holds diverse qualifications, including senior expertise, university degrees, and apprentices. Engineers have participated in varied projects, fostering a broad skill set for versatile construction endeavours.

Advanced Technology

Oakfield Surveys consistently pursues operational enhancement through the adoption of cutting-edge technology. Recently, we integrated GPS tracking into our machines, expediting tasks like setup, ongoing in-process surveys, and precise trimming, with increased efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Furthermore, we’ve incorporated drones for surveys, yielding benefits such as heightened efficiency, improved project management, and enhanced safety standards in the construction sector. This refined approach empowers us to achieve projects with superior efficiency and accuracy.












“The best in the business, hard working and honest, always willing to go the extra mile.”

Nigel Lawton

Oakfield Customer for over 20 years


Our Projects

St James Church, Dry Doddington

We were recently asked to carry out a survey on St. James’ church in Dry Doddington. The church is a Grade II listed building dating from the 12th century,  the church has seen several alterations throughout its 900 years, with a tower being added in the early 14th-century.  

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