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At Oakfield, we have a dedicated Gas Protection Division that specialises in serving various sectors, including commercial housing, leisure, industrial, and environmental fields. Our in-house designers collaborate closely with each project’s unique requirements to create tailored design solutions specific to the project’s needs and constraints.

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Gas Membrane Installation.

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Oakfield possesses a team of fully certified professionals who specialise in the installation of Gas Membranes and Lining. In scenarios involving construction on land with subsurface gas presence, it becomes crucial to undertake measures that effectively reduce the possibility of gas infiltration into properties.

Strict adherence to Building Regulations is essential. Among the range of available options, one prevalent solution is the implementation of gas membrane protection. These gas membranes, composed of plastic sheets, act as barriers, obstructing the passage of subsurface gases. They are integrated into the construction process and become an integral part of the foundation design.

The type of membrane required will be dependent upon the findings of the ground investigation report, which may highlight the presence of gases such as Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Radon and VOC’s (volatile organic compounds).

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Gas Membranes Services

Our gas membrane service team provides nationwide coverage, delivering a comprehensive range of gas membrane services. Our team is composed of fully qualified experts capable of addressing a variety of project needs to meet a broad spectrum of requirements across different projects.

Trusted by Nationwide Main Contractors

Our team consists of skilled installers, all of whom hold NVQ Level 2 qualifications. We ensure that all our work adheres to the latest standards and undergoes rigorous validation. We’ve successfully undertaken esteemed projects, ranging from schools and housing developments to student accommodations, all in collaboration with prominent main contractors. The fact that these contractors are seeking our services repeatedly is a testament to the high level of trust they place in our team of skilled experts.

Service Versatility

Our team of experts are able to take on a wide range of projects due to the versatility in their supply of different gas membrane options. At present we currently offer supply and installation of all carbon dioxide and methane, radon barrier, hydrocarbons and VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) gas membranes. We also offer tanking and waterproofing.

“We were extremely pleased with the gas membrane installation performed by Oakfield”

The installation received approval and passed the inspection conducted by a third-party verification company, who also expressed their high level of satisfaction with the work.

Housing Association, Leicester


Our Projects

Bingham Arena & Enterprise Centre

The project involved the establishment of a new two-story leisure centre, encompassing two swimming pools, a fitness gym, workout studios, and an adjoining community hall equipped with staging and seating, achieving an Energy Rating (BREEAM RATING GOAL) of ‘Very Good’.

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