January 2019

Oakfield Surveys

Trent Bridge is considered to be one of the best grounds in the world to watch cricket. Trent Bridge’s pavilion, has kept within the architectural parameters of its 1889 foundation and is regarded one of the most renowned trademarks of cricket, not only for its famous façade, its wicket faces at an angle.

Oakfield Surveys have been tasked to carry out a full elevation and internal survey so that a feasibility study can be carried out on this iconic stand.

James Turner and Kieron Shelton both felt extremely privileged to have an access all areas pass to this shrine of cricket, walking the corridors and to sit on the players terrace where legends of the game, Harold Larwood, Bill Voce, Ian Botham, Shane Warne to name but a few have cheered their team on.

Tippin’ Eck

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