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Oakfield Recycling go Agg-Pro to Cater for Ever Increasing Demand

by | Thursday 21 September 2023

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Oakfield Recycling Centre, is pleased to receive it’s newest McCloskey Jaw Crusher machine. Our recycling yard, located in Hucknall, Nottinghamshire can handle up to 150,000 tonnes of materials like brick, concrete, tarmac, and other hardcore items every year. With Building firms were putting in more orders, Oakfield needed to keep up with the rising demand.

Gary Harby, our Recycling Manager said, “Over the last twelve years, we’ve expanded our operations significantly, and that meant our site had to grow too to keep up with the increasing demands.”

We turned to Agg-Pro several times over the years, whether we needed to upgrade existing equipment or add new machines to boost our capacity and output. The most recent addition is the installation of a brand new McCloskey J45 Jaw Crusher. Gary also shared his thoughts on the equipment we’ve acquired saying, “We’ve had a C50 Jaw Crusher (now a J50), a R105 Screener, a couple of J45s, and a J45R, among others. All the McCloskey machines have been fantastic for us; I can’t fault them.”

Discussing the pressure to further increase our site’s output, Gary explained, “We’ve never been this busy before. More and more materials keep coming in, which is great, but it means we have to ensure we can handle it all. The J45 was installed today, and as always, the folks at Agg-Pro had it up and running in no time. As we all know, ‘time is money,’ so we truly appreciate their efficiency.”

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