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Meet James, our latest Graduate and hear his thoughts about life at Oakfield

by | Wednesday 08 November 2023

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What prompted your initial interest in applying for a position at Oakfield?

‘After earning my degree, I was certain that I wanted to work in the construction industry due to the endless opportunities it offers. My motivation to apply for the position was sparked by Oakfield’s well-deserved reputation in the field, which is a result of their consistent high standards for work and their dedication to fundamental principles like unity, trust, support and loyalty. These traits are also evident in how they treat their staff and give back to the community.’


Can you detail the primary responsibilities and tasks that have been included within your role?

‘Having entered the company with limited knowledge around the construction industry, Oakfield has given me the chance to work in four different departments with the purpose of expanding my skill set and developing my commercial awareness in the area of construction. My primary duties since joining the company in July as a graduate have involved shadowing a Project Manager. This has been really helpful for me as it has given me an understanding of what it is like to work on a construction site and exposed me to the comprehensive range of civil engineering activities Oakfield provides.’


Can you share a notable achievement or particularly memorable experience that has stood out for you during your first rotation?

‘The degree of exposure I’ve become accustomed to has been what I’ve enjoyed the most about my first rotation. Through shadowing a Project Manager, I have gained valuable knowledge and skills that I can apply to on-site procedures. Additionally, I have had the opportunity to attend meetings regarding various projects Oakfield is involved in, such as the Nottingham-based Island Quarter project. As someone who was born and raised in Nottingham, I find it extremely satisfying that Oakfield is helping to create these incredible buildings which will leave a legacy for many decades.’


Can you discuss a specific challenge you’ve encountered and your strategies for overcoming it?

‘My main challenges when I first got to Oakfield were adjusting to a brand-new setting and meeting new people who have decades of experience working in groundworks. It became difficult for me to get past this and the fact that I had no prior construction expertise. Nonetheless, my worry was quickly alleviated upon encountering colleagues who were not only aware of my involvement and role within the company, but also friendly and supportive which gave me the confidence to allow me to ask them any questions I had about the procedures or methods used on site.’

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