Making a positive Difference.

Over £50,000

Raised for Charity in the past 5 years.

Top 3% Fundraisers

for Macmillan Cancer in the past 5 years

Top 10% Fundraisers

for Children with Cancer 2020 

Our commitment to making a positive impact is exemplified by our fundraising achievements.

Over the past five years, we’ve collectively raised over £50,000 for various charitable organisations, thanks to the generosity of both companies and individuals. Looking ahead, our aspiration is to continuously improve. Therefore, we’ve set a target to raise £20,000 for charity in the year 2024, aiming to make an even more significant difference in the lives of those in need.

Supporting Local Communities.

At Oakfield, our active engagement in supporting our local communities is a basis of our commitment. We work closely with our charity partner, Switch Up, to ensure that we make a meaningful contribution to the best of our abilities.

We’re not just supporting Switch Up through fundraising; we’re also helping young individuals from the charity group with workforce opportunities, especially through apprenticeships. We actively participate in educational seminars at the Switch Up educational hub to inform people about careers in construction. Moreover, we offer training at our office for those preparing for the CSCS test, giving them essential guidance. For example, Randy, a Ground Worker, joined us two years ago and completed his apprenticeship, showing the positive impact we’re making in our community.

“I want to thank Mark and Oakfield Construction again for their support”

Not every company is willing to invest time into young people but they recognise the amazing potential that the younger generation have. Putting people into work and setting them on the right path is the ultimate aim of Switch Up – I’m thrilled that we achieve this goal for our individuals with Oakfield.

Marcellus Baz

Founder of Switch Up

Sponsoring Rising Talent

Leigh Wood

Oakfield has sponsored the current world featherweight champion since his early days in the boxing industry, even when he was competing in local sports halls. Oakfield witnessed Leigh’s personal growth and has been a steadfast believer in his talents from the outset. The company developed a fondness for Leigh because of his unwavering passion for boxing and his deep attachment to his hometown, Nottingham. Supporting Leigh on his journey to success has been a rewarding experience for Oakfield.

Supporting Local Teams

Radford FC

We proudly sponsor our local football team, Radford FC, and have provided valuable assistance with improvements to their new pitch. Specifically, we undertook the task of replacing and installing the pitch-side boards in preparation for the upcoming season.

As a result of our continued support, the football club has chosen to name their new stadium ‘The Oakfield Stadium’ in recognition of our partnership and contributions.

Charities we Support.

For more information on our community efforts please contact our team on 01773 534 000


This year our managing director ran the London Marathon raising all funds for Switch Up and Nottingham School of Boxing.

Meningitis Now

Liberty Flint, Mark Flint and friends recently ran the London Marathon with all funds being raised donated to Meningitis Now.


From coffee mornings to fundraising, we do a range of activities that help raise vital money towards the work MacMillan do.

Children with Cancer

Our fantastic Oakfield team are passionate and committed to helping raise fundsfor Children with Cancer with event through the year.

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