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At Oakfield, we’re dedicated to fostering careers in construction, seeing vast potential in the industry. Our vision is simple: ‘Building Generations of Excellence.’ To achieve this, we require a skilled, cohesive team across our construction sites, transportation, plant operations, and offices. Joining Oakfield isn’t just about work; it’s joining our family. Our culture thrives on mutual support and collective success.

If you’re looking for future opportunities, then please join our Workforce database of positions below.

• Ground workers
• Machine drivers
• Drainage gangs
• Finishing gangs
• Dumper truck operators
• Labourers


We believe in nurturing fresh talent and providing a supportive environment for recent graduates to kickstart their careers. Our commitment to excellence and innovation is reflected in the opportunities we offer to graduates within the construction industry. Click here to read James Graduation story.


Apprenticeships offer the chance to gain valuable skills and practical experience in a professional work environment. In addition to training and joining our on-site teams, apprentices can also work towards industry-recognised certifications. We accept apprenticeship applications year-round. 

Work Experience

We are open to school students seeking work experience, allowing them to explore various facets of our company through rotations. If you’re keen to express your interest and learn more about our work experience offerings, please get in touch.

“The highlights of my apprenticeship were winning two apprenticeship awards and learning skills that will stick with me for life”

I am currently studying a Level 4 HNC Construction and the Built Environment apprenticeship. Balancing college studies with work commitments can pose challenges in managing workloads, but I’ve devised a system that has significantly eased the process.

Oakfield offers excellent support throughout the journey. They provide an apprenticeship coordinator who assists in guiding me through college assignments, offering mentorship, and aiding in developing essential life skills.

The highlights of my apprenticeship were winning two apprenticeship awards and learning skills that will stick with me for life. My advice for anyone considering an Apprenticeship route would be to be patient and do your best always, as it will eventually work out. Upon completing my apprenticeship, I want to continue advancing my skills and eventually hopefully able to run my own site.

George Glenny

Ground Worker Apprentice 

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